Defining Moments

As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him (Acts 9:3).

* For Moses, it was the burning bush. * For Peter, it was walking on water. * For Shadrack, Mesach, & Abednego, it was walking through the burning furnace untouched. * For Paul, it was being blinded and spoken to by Jesus on the Damascus Road. * For Daniel, it was deliverance from the lion’s den. * For Joshua, it was parting the Jordan River and crossing into the Promised Land.

There have been many defining moments in the life of human beings that changed their lives forever. These defining moments often set the course for the balance of their life.

We could go on and on. Each of these servants had years of preparation leading up to their defining moment. These defining moments forced these servants to experience something beyond their human experience. It took them outside their own paradigm of life. God had to bring them outside their own box. And when He did, their lives were never the same.

You may be in one of three stages of life. You may not have had your "defining moment" yet. God may be preparing you with many important life experiences. You may have had your defining moment and you are living out your call. Or, you may be toward the end of your journey and you have already experienced what I speak of.

We are all called to a relationship with God. Secondly, we are all called vocationally. Often this second stage is ushered in by a defining moment. And there can be more than one defining moment, each pointing you down a path that God fore-ordained from the foundation of the world. The secret of a great life is often a man’s ability to discern the defining moments given to him, understanding them and learning to walk in the path that leads him to his ultimate destination.

Once you have had a defining moment you are never the same. Pray that you have eyes to see and ears to hear when your Master brings a defining moment into your life.